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Sugar and Spice...

with a little bit of bite

Daphne Diane (Greengrass) Potter
15 February 1980
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"Interview me? Whatever for?" Daphne nodded toward one of the chefs working on what would be tonight's house special at Un Peu de Ciel. "Are you a food critic?"

She frowned at the reporter. "Human interest story? There's really not much about my past that would be of interest to your listeners, I'm afraid. Okay, if you insist. Starting with my years at Hogwarts, then? I remember how well I did in most of my classes (as in not that well at all). Luckily, all that extra work for my Potions NEWT did pay off because I realized that while I wasn’t that great on potion theory, I could follow a recipe like a Master - no one ever accused me of being modest."

Daphne moved across quickly across the room and took a wickedly sharp, small knife from another woman. "Cut like this, Bridgette. We're going for fine and delicate, not chunky and jagged." She demonstrated what she wanted and returned the knife before turning back to the reporter. "A Master Chef, as it turned out. I completed my Grand Diplome at Le Corden Bleu Academie D’Art Culinaire - the London Academy - and received the Certifict de Perfectionnement en Cuisine Traiteur, to cater. What that means to those of you who don’t follow the culinary world is that I went to a Muggle school to learn how to cook all sorts of tasty things. And the desserts... to die for. And you won’t believe the things I can do with chocolate."

"A little swish and flick goes a long way in the kitchen," she laughed.

"I’ve spent the last several years working my way up to Head Chef in the kitchen of... well, the terms for breaking my contract include not divulging any trade secrets which is easier if I don’t even mention the name, honestly. Even though it was a Muggle restaurant, it's extremely well known. I just woke up one morning and realized I wasn’t happy in the city anymore. I missed the small town feeling. So I walked in and asked my manager what I needed to do to quit. And now I’m back in Hogsmeade with an intimate restaurant of my own."

Her friendly smile falters a bit. "Why do you need to know about my father? I'm sorry, I don't like to talk about my family. This interview is over."


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This is a character journal for __lightning__