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Happy Birthday to Me, a Very Happy Birthday
February 15th, 2001 ~*~ Evening

Daphne wasn't even sure where they were anymore, her friends had insisted on dressing her up and taking her out for a "night on the town" for her twenty-first birthday. This had to have been the third or fourth bar for the evening. Their party had started out seven strong and was now down to four. One girl, from her pastry class on Mondays and Wednesdays, had pleaded the need for an early night. The other two had met some men they knew and had left with them, with Daphne's blessing of course. The less of her well meaning friends urging her to drink more and make goo goo eyes at some strange man in a bar, the better. They were even urging her to... well, Daphne just didn't think she was the one night stand type. She didn't really know what type she was.

I knew I should have never told Michelle I was still a virgin, she thought with a mental groan as the other woman pointed out yet another attractive man at the bar. "What about him, Daph? He looks good enough to eat, doesn't he? If you don't want him, maybe he'd like to taste my creamy filling."

Even Daphne couldn't keep from laughing at that one, a full honeyed sound. That was one of the great things about having friends who were all attending the same culinary academy, all the crude food jokes. She looked at the man in question and had to agree that he was rather nice looking. And when he looked in their direction she made eye contact for barely a second before turning back to her drink, suddenly too warm. She didn't even notice when Michelle announced she was going to the little girls room and left the table.
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