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Daphne Diane (Greengrass) Potter

Time to move on

September 15th, 2000 ~*~ Greengrass cottage


They whisper about us as we shop.

The first time in my life someone pays attention to me and it's because I was in "that House" and because my father was "one of Them". Mum has it worse. While they're too... something to speak to my face, those gossip mongers have no problem trying to sharpen their dull wits on my mother.

It's not enough that we've lost a father and husband to the war, that the Ministry seized almost everything we owned - even my great-grandmother's jewelry - that we're destitute with no hope of getting a job because we're tainted... now they have to make my mother cry because she fell in love with the wrong man.

Is it one of those self righteous biddies that allows us to sew for a few eggs? Allows me to clean their home for a few galleons for groceries? No. Our salvation has come from Da's associates, other Pureblood families, the ones who had enough influence to avoid arrest. They're discrete, but they're offering us help.

Sometimes I wonder if...

No. I can't let myself think like that.

I talked to mum about learning a trade, something that would help me get a job to support us. I was thinking perhaps I could become a governess... but mum reminded me of how I liked to cook. She suggested writing to a friend of the family to ask for an apprenticeship, the wizard in question has been cooking for a wealthy family in Romania for decades. I tried to explain that when I play around in the kitchen, I like to work with my hands, not with my wand. That was a bit of a sore point for awhile, but in the end she agreed that an apprenticeship wasn't for me.

Mum returned from another tea with the woman that has been her best friend since she attended Hogwarts. They've been plotting this last week, the two of them. Auntie Kathryn - as I've called her my entire life - insists I need to be sent away for awhile. She's offered to give us the money to send me to Muggle London, there's a cooking academy there - Le Corden Bleu Academie D’Art Culinaire - with a winter term starting in December. They wouldn't know I was a witch, they wouldn't know about Slytherin House, or Da.

A clean start.

I don't want to leave mum, but she insists. And I know it's wrong, but I don't want to stay here. As soon as I can afford a place, I'll send for her and we'll both get away from this place.
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